Protecting your research

How can I protect my data when working overseas?

Research Services provides important guidance on transferring and sharing confidential material.

The Oxford Research Data site provides a range of tools, advice and support for data management. The Research Data team prefers to give specific advice tailored to each research project, so it is best to contact them directly to discuss individual queries by emailing 

There are also specific issues to consider whilst working overseas:

Data sharing outside the EU

The map of data protection laws provides detailed information on the data protection legislation in countries around the world.

Carrying encrypted laptops in certain countries where using encryption is not allowed

Data security and protection:

  • Email is not safe, even outside of DAC locations, so be careful with information shared via email. University guidance on staying safe on email can be found on the Information Security website.
  • When using third parties (e.g. individuals or companies) to assist with translation or the transcription of interviews, or otherwise handling personal data, ensure that the third party will be handling such information safely, securely and confidentially. The University Information Security site has a policy on working with third parties.