Strategic Partnership Scorecard

Research Services have put together, with input from across the institution, a tabular scorecard to be used to ensure that prospective international research partnerships undergo a thorough and robust review prior to the University committing to them.

How the process works

The decision to use this evaluation process will be made by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) in consultation with the divisions.

  1. Any international research partnership that satisfies at least one of the following criteria will be subject to University-level evaluation:
    • the proposed international partnership is at an institutional level, or
    • there will be a material level of University investment required as an institutional contribution (direct and in-kind) to the international partnership (typically more than £500k pa), or
    • the proposed international partnership might involve the establishment of a new legal entity
  2. The scorecard will be applied to the proposed partnership. This process will be operated by the International Engagement Office, with specialist input from relevant teams across the University.
  3. An advisory panel will provide feedback and a recommendation on whether or not to proceed based on the scorecard.
  4. Where the recommendation is to proceed, the partnership will be taken forward subject to any further institutional governance requirements.

Wider use

Where an international research partnership does not satisfy the criteria for University-level evaluation, departments and divisions may still find it helpful to consider the evaluation scorecard when reviewing the risks and benefits of the prospective partnership.