Managing FP7 Projects and Timesheets

Responsibility for post-award project management sits primarily with departmental staff and Research Accounts personnel. The Research Funding Team in Research Services will be involved in many of the potential award amendments.


The EC requires detailed timesheets to be kept for all staff whose time is charged to FP7 projects, including Principal Investigators (see below for model timesheet in line with EC requirements).

The EC's requirements for time recording in FP7 are laid out in the 'Guide to Financial Issues' (see p. 55). Please ensure that if FP7 research is being undertaken, adequate processes for time-recording are in place for those departmental staff (incl. PIs if applicable) who are to be fully or partially charged to EU FP7 awards.

Horizon 2020 timesheets and information on H2020 post-award financial issues can be found on the Research Support website - you will need your SSO login and click on the 'European Commission' tab and then the 'Horizon 2020 detailed guidance' box at the bottom of the page.

Timesheets - FP7 only

FP7 Timesheet - 2021

FP7 Timesheet - 2020